6 comments on “Do you train your dog . . . or does your dog train you?

  1. As President of the Anti-Circus Looking Animal Foundation (ACLAF)
    My human and I are not thrilled to see one of our OWN being treated like the horrid circus animals we feel (our opinion only) are mistreated. That said, I’m not a fan. Kudos to the People Trainer, I’m sure he does a great job of what he does, but us canines really don’t need to do all that stuff in everyday life. Right?
    We definitely need to be well-mannered (which I admit I was NOT for the first year of my spunky life ) but now I am a regal queen. My human loves me a lot but it is not necessary for me to put on a show.
    There are no skateboards at our house, no pools, and I do not crawl backwards and go into backwards dog/wall yoga position.
    That is plain old humiliating. (note the human part)
    We support the rescuing of dogs from shelters as my Mommy did (twice) teaching them manners (ok fine, it took awhile with me) love and kindness. Freddie P.W. has written me privately and has my full support. Please review what you show on your blog.
    Sniffingly yours. Lexi-Pro President ACLAF


    • Dear Lexi-Pro, Canine Dog
      President ACLAF,

      All your points are well taken, as usual. Your organization, Anti-Circus Looking Animal Foundation (ACLAF), has my full support. I would however, like it if my human being had a swimming pool so I could lounge.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
      Canine Dog Therapist


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