In my lifetime

One minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time . . .


An expectation

held forever in my heart

one beat at a time

17 comments on “In my lifetime

    • Phylor,
      Inporting art: In each draft post there’s an import “media” at the top. Click on that and I can access my computer iphoto files or can drag and drop from desktop. Trust me . . . it’s easy or I’d NEVEr be able to do it.

      Comments box seems to have a mind of it’s own and comes and goes at it’s own discretion. I’ve given up trying to figure out why.


      • Ah, you take a picture of the art! I wondered if you could scan then include, or you are using a drawing program that replicates your art.
        I don’t have an iPhone, so I use my old camera and have problems taking pictures of art, photographs, etc.
        I have a printer that scans, but it makes pdf files which if I remember correctly, you had difficulties with.
        So, how do you do it so that the art looks like the art? My attempts at photographing things like than have been pitiful!


        • Phylor,
          I take pictures of the art with a Nikon Colorpix I bought many, many years ago. It has a card that I put in the computer and the pictures are automatically transferred to iphoto (I’m on a Mac – when I had a PC my pictures were all over the place and I could never find the files).

          I take them in natural light – by a window on a solid background. I take multiple pictures of the same thing because most of them are discards. I rarely scan.

          Don’t know if that’s helpful. But I’m glad my pictures are impressive enough that you THINK I’m good at it!!!!


          • I’m pc and have an aversion to macs (due to horrible experience of having to learn imac while everyone else used a pc!). I have a cool pix that, like my computer, has developed (oops, an unintentional pun!) its own quirks.
            I’ve tried various settings, and still can’t get it right. I’ll try the window, though the brightest is behind the tv!
            Thanks for the tips — and yes your art is impressive!


    • Neil, Thank you

      Yes, the banner picture is mine. Many of the pictures I use in posts are things I’ve done or creative works from clients, other bloggers and workshop participants. I facilitate workshops in Therapeutic Creative Expression – lots of visual journaling, mask painting, process painting etc and really like to share what other people do.


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