Silly Me and The Year of the Fairy Tale

fttreated3princessI’m well known for starting lots of projects and not finishing lots of projects.   What I  love is the conception, the preparation and a smattering of execution – the process not the product is my hook.

So! with excitement and . . .  trepidation I’m participating in   Carla Sonheim’s Year of the Fairy Tale online class.  Yup. ONE year,   O – N – E year , 1 y – e- a – r.  Gulp.

There will be monthly assignments.  I’m going to pretend each is a different class, a SHORT class. one at a time.

All of Carla’s online classes I’ve taken were innovative, creative and lots of fun.   The classes were short.

My first class was “The Art of Silliness”. Here’s some of Carla’s “Silly” assignments and a sample of my silly pictures.

P1040687 P1040688 P1040695 P1040704 P1040788_2I’ll post my “creations”.  We’ll see if it was silly of me to commit to an entire year.

You can check out her workshops (she’s got free tutorials) here: Carla Sonheim

P.S. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an established artist

14 comments on “Silly Me and The Year of the Fairy Tale

    • Raggedpoet,
      I’d suggest Silly, Blob Animals or Faces 101 if you are just getting started. ALL her classes are for the beginner and advanced. I think she is one of the best on-line instructors. (I’ve taken from about 4 others).

      Year of the Fairy Tale has been great as long as you learn from all the incredible work that others post instead of getting discouraged by it.

      Here’s her link for all her classes.

      Go for it!


    • Aeeda,
      The ones on this page are from Carla Sonheim’s “The Art of Silly” class. She sends out stupid, SILLY worksheets that have “silly stuff” she’s drawn on them. Then following her directions you create more silly stuff on the worksheet – like drawing pictures of upside down fish, or imaginary “pets” etc. etc. It doesn’t matter if you can “draw” or not!!!!!!! If you want, you can put your pictures up on a flickr page where you can see how other people have been silly too.

      Hey, you’d be a great MARKETEER. If I were an “artist” I’d take you up.
      xxxxx j.


  1. Once upon a time looks like SO much fun! I’m going to enjoy this journey with you. As to projects, they are never complete until you declare them complete. Old projects sometimes need new journeys. 🙂


  2. Judy,
    I just looked at her webpage. The classes look superb. Don’t think I could commit to anything for a year (I’m like you on finishing). I think this is perfect for you, because you are a really, really good Artist. Can’t wait to see. Think I will do some of her free ones.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Aeeda,
      There are some really good FREE tutorials out there. I particularly like Carla’s classes and approach because she focuses on NOT trying to get it perfect – lots of play with the materials and fun . . . which is how, I think, art should be approached. Most people think “art” is only drawing/painting something with photo-realism.

      Have FUN and send me your pictures to inspire others!!!!!!!!!


    • Aeeeeeeeda,
      Thank you for the AMAZING compliment. I am, however, a dilettante in the literal sense of the word. I do have an “eye” and may have been able to be an “artist” if I had had the focus . . . Hopefully, I’ll be able to find that focus or it truly will be Year of the FAIRY TALE!


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