Just Ducky!

There once was an unfortunate duck

 whose love life completely sucked 

his brown feet ignored

 leaving the ladies quite bored

He’s genetically out of luck

Unlucky Ducky
Unlucky Ducky

Why Do Ducks Have Orange Feet?

By Bjorn Carey

“. . .  for the ducks that do have orange feet, well, it’s all about attracting the ladies. Chicks dig orange.”

“Bright orange coloring suggests that a male duck, also known as a drake, is getting all his vitamins, particularly carotenoids, such as beta-carotene and vitamin A, antioxidants that can be beneficial to the immune system. “This indicates that his behaviors and genes are good enough for him to recognize and eat the right food, or that his immune system is strong enough to produce bright orange legs,” Omland says. “The female sees this as a very attractive trait to pass on to her offspring.”‘

“Omland’s work only looked at drakes’ bills, but he thinks there’s enough circumstantial evidence to say that ducks check out each other’s feet, too. “Blue-footed boobies have, obviously, very blue feet, and it’s very well documented that they use their feet in courtship and that females do care about the coloration of males’ feet,” Omland says. “Perhaps mallards, like the boobies, have a foot fetish.”‘

Don’t believe me??  Read it here: Why do ducks have orange feet?

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8 thoughts on “Just Ducky!

          1. There was an mall at the bottom of an office complex a few blocks from where I worked. In the summer, I’d get an orange Julius for my lunch. Some other fast food chain bought them (Dairy Queen?) and had Orange Julius sub-stores inside the other’s stores.


            1. Yep. you can still get Orange Julius at Dairy Queens around here. There’s a sign there anyway. : )

              I just think it’s hilllarious that Boobies like Feet.
              and here I thought most males had a Boobie fetish!


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