A Sharp Fairy Tale

Not a fairy tale

My memory speeds downhill

sharp blades on my skis

Haiku-Heights Prompt - SHARP
Prompt – SHARP

Year of Fairy Tale has begun!

Just got our first monthly assignment.  After watching the introductory video I’m not as intimidated cuz there are 3 different groups – beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

I can’t give you access to the course itself but here’s the charming intro so you can see what I’ll be doing. It’s not too late to sign up (unpaid, unsolicited announcement!)


25 thoughts on “A Sharp Fairy Tale

  1. I loved following the trail to Carla Sonheim’s website! Turns out she is in Seattle like me. I hope to spread the word to my artist friends and take one of her classes. Enjoy your fairy taling.


  2. I didn’t have the password, so I couldn’t watch the intro. But, now that I know the year of the fairy tale has begun, it is my solemn and sworn duty to check up on you and your progress. Or, I shall have to turn each of us into some sort of fairy tail creatures. Any suggestions?


      1. I’ve been having trouble with video — putting together a youtube playlist, and the links don’t always work on my computer. And, when I loaded my video, it took several tries for me to get it to work.
        I’ll check back later, as is my sworn duty, to try the link again.


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