Slaker Milkshake, 7 Ice Cream Sandwiches!!

Sandwiches-de-helado2I love ice cream sandwiches.  Vanilla ice cream sandwiches.  The taste of chocolate when meeting the creamy vanilla – nirvana.  I like to nuke them – one at a time, of course – to cream ’em up a tiny bit.

I rarely buy  a carton of ice cream sandwiches at the market because once I experience the taste and texture I can’t stop eating them.

NOW, thanks to the Today Show, no one will know how many I eat . . . at one time.

One blender
7 ice cream sandwiches
1 cup milk

Al Roker, known for his discriminating taste palate, couldn’t stop sipping and yumming – good enough endorsement for me!

3 comments on “Slaker Milkshake, 7 Ice Cream Sandwiches!!

  1. Love the ingredients.Check. Got the blender.Check. But WHY? So you can slurp it sloppily? I am missing something here…please explain. Tonight, it’s ride pudding for the third night in a row, the gift that keeps on giving (and adding pounds) but so worth it. Yummy. Love, Peachy Keen Junior.


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