Year of the Fairy Tale & 3 Completely USELESS Haiku

Killing two creative outbursts with one post.  

 My froggie-character-study-in-progress (She’s going to be the heroine of my Fairy-Poem) AND  3 USELESS haiku:

can’t use it for anything
except nourishment

Non-dominant hand drawings
Non-dominant hand drawings

Non-dominant hand

competing for attention

with dominant brain

Dominant Hand Drawing

It’s useless to think

talent and “art” are the same

just proceed on faith

Non-dominant hand and dominant hand drawing
Non-dominant and dominant hand drawing

In case you missed my other character-studies:

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Haiku-Heights Prompt - USELESS
Prompt – USELESS
Year of the Fairy Tale
Year of the Fairy Tale

32 thoughts on “Year of the Fairy Tale & 3 Completely USELESS Haiku

  1. I can have talent for art… indeed both cannot be same….Wonderful Judy… I liked it.. .nothing ‘hinky’ at all.. I was just wondering that you remove.. T for talent from Thinker.. it becomes a “Hinker”.. wow!! One always learns here..

    THANK YOU!!!



  2. Hinky, Dinky, Do, Alice stood up on her shoe,Glad she was Found and not Underground, Hinky, Dinky, Do. Ms. Judith, this is with your non-dominant hand? I wrote my email to you BEFORE I saw this. Now, I have to say I am really impressed. Love Peachy Keen jr.


    1. HiberKeen,
      Combination of dominant and non-dominant. The ones that are the most fun are non-dominant hand. At first it’s really frustrating drawing from a real picture with non-dominant hand. Then when I let go of trying to make it actually look like the picture it’s really fun and the drawings are so loose and whimsical and make me laugh.
      TRY IT!
      Love your Hinky Dinky nursery rhyme!!!


          1. good idea — I’ve always been a fast reader, I just don’t retain it the same way.
            I saw your “prince” post, read this twice and now I think I’m where I should be?


      1. Hinky? Southern slang I picked up in my youth (I think). Something is “hinky” when it’s a bit off, out of line, bent, not right. May be said about a person ie “There was something hinky about him.”

        Me too on the nearly part. Thanks. 🙂


      1. I guess I should have been more specific; I meant they seem to have VERY different personalities. Maybe not opposite, but… pretty close. I imagine they would make for quite a dynamic duo. If you ever write and illustrate a story about two frogs, I will read it in a heartbeat. 🙂


        1. Wordcoaster,
          You were very clear! I was just kidding about the froggies personalities! You’ve inspired me — DYNAMIC DUO — there’s definitely a tale to be told! Now that you’ve embedded an idea in my psyche it will burble and incubate. I’ll keep you posted!


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