Frowning in Bright Sunlight Can Make You ANGRY

For years I’ve told clients to put a “smile” on their face (gotta crinkle eyes too).  I am not being flippant.  Many years ago I read a research study that showed that the muscles involved in smiling signal the brain to release “happy” neurotransmitters.  Now it turns out facial muscles signal the brain to release neurotransmitters for both “happy” and “mad”!


judy’s scribble drawing

Excerpt from: Frowning In Bright Sunlight Can Make You Angry

By Douglas Main

(Particularly in Italy . . .)

“Recent work has shown that emotions can be influenced by facial expressions and body posture. For example if you instruct people to smile or frown in a laboratory setting (without explicitly telling them the true nature of the experiment), they are more likely to report feelings of happiness or sadness, respectively. Neuroimaging studies (like this one) have also shown this link.”

Now I’m telling all my clients to go to the Italian Riviera.  I might have to go to make sure they are walking in the right direction . . . 

4 comments on “Frowning in Bright Sunlight Can Make You ANGRY

  1. In fact it is possible to change the state of mind by changing the body posture…Physiology play a huge role in determining the state a person would like to be in…

    This is very insightful post Judy.. thanks!!



  2. Riviera? Take us with you…won’t get above freezing here until next weekend (maybe) and we’re getting 1-2 inches of snow tonight, another 1-2 tomorrow on top of the 4-6 inches we got Thurs-Fri that isn’t melting…all right, we’ll just SMILE our way to the next warm day!


    • Rick,
      Pack your bag. You can lay over in Southern California for a few days to begin to acclimate to the Italian Riviera. Bring a sweater – It’s a bit chilly here too – this morning it’s about 60 degrees.


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