The Year of the Fairy Tale – Princely attire, the long & short of it

Excerpt from my Fairy-Pome (as yet unnamed)

“I’ll learn to fly”

he said with a sigh,

“Where I can spy

A wife from on high”


“It looks like fun

Just not too close to the sun

I must find a wife

To be in my life”


“I’m of delicate sorts

Need to change into shorts

So my legs can kick

And not stick

And my toes are free

to fly higher, you see”


Experimenting with the prince.  He’s a bit too cartoonish . . .  

. . . but then again so is my fairy-pome.

9 comments on “The Year of the Fairy Tale – Princely attire, the long & short of it

  1. Just me, but I’m not so sure about the knobby knees! Could he have princely knees ala William or Henry instead of their father, Chuck? Even if your prince may never wear a kilt, he might wear shorts to some sort of function post wife-dom seeking. (Like the pome)


    • Phylor,
      I’ll send him for some knee-imaging work – you know the kind where the picture goes on a computer and you get a pre-post image to decide if you want a face-lift.
      Knee lifts are very expensive though, as I understand it, the skin must be pulled up from the navel. The tying off takes a really good surgeon who has experience in both inies and outies.

      Post Wife-dom seeing (like it!!)


      • Maybe he could wear those cargo pants shorts than go down beyond the knees. All those pockets might come in handy while seeking his fair maiden/frogess. A MacGiver of Princes!


  2. Yours must be an American “casual-Friday” Prince. Don’t Princes wear jackets, skinny ties (if any) and have lots of medals and an officer’s hat? I do like the short pants, obviously younger princes?!


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