Yoga Dead Mouse Position (parenthetically speaking)

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Corpse Pose – also called Savasana*

Benefits: Allows the body time to process information at the end of a long day.

“No yoga session is complete without the final pose – Savasana. The body needs this time to understand the new information it has received through practicing yoga. Even though Savasana is a resting pose, it’s not the same as sleeping . . . ” (because you should never eat when you are sleeping).

Basic Instructions:

1. Lie down on your back (while your mice are climbing into the chocolate).

2. Let your feet fall out to either side  (comfortably tuck in your tail).

3. Bring the arms alongside the body, but slightly separated from the body, and turn the palms to face upwards (to catch any chocolate that might not be accurately thrown)

4. Relax your whole body, including your face, (but not your mouth which should be ready and open wide). Let the body feel heavy. (notice it getting heavier and heavier the longer you stay in the savasana position) 

5. Let the breath occur naturally. (chew only on the exhale to avoid choking)

 My wonderful friend Sharon just sent this new yoga pose to me. I hope she follows up with chocolate.  I’ll provide my own yoga mat and mice.

Ratie by judy

Mousie by judy

* Instructions borrowed  from various Yoga instruction sites.  (Parenthetical edits are in RED)

3 comments on “Yoga Dead Mouse Position (parenthetically speaking)

  1. I’ll pass your mouse pose along to my yoga teacher. We get a shoulder/neck massage at the end of our class while we’re on our backs. But, if we could get a massage AND chocolate . . . Have to recruit some of the local mice.
    Like your little mousie — any room in your fairytale pome for him/her?


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