Something to Crow About

Right outside the window of an upstairs office I once had was a huge pine tree.   Crows often flew in to sit on the branches.

I was used to seeing them preen and hopping around but one day I sat in amazement watching a crow quickly solve her dilemma of how to eat the berries she had collected.  

Putting the first berry down on the tree limb she watched it roll off.  She cocked her head and quickly hopped over to the crook of two branches where she lodged a second and third berry.  A fourth berry she held under her foot.  She swallowed the remaining berry in her beak then ate the one under her foot before proceeding to reclaim the first two.

I would have just swallowed all the berries at once . . .  but then again I’m a gourmand not a gourmet.

I don’t know if the crow in the video is as smart as “my” bird . . . you be the judge.

Thanks Sharon for sending this video!

2 comments on “Something to Crow About

  1. Crows are also relatively social, at least they forage and hunt in groups of up to a half dozen in the open space behind our house. Have not witnessed any complex problem solving as in the video – noted some skeptical remarks about it but having “trained” pigeons and rats in behavioral psychology classes long ago, I think many animals have problem solving skills, especially when it comes to obtaining food, a basic survival instinct.


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