The Year of the Fairy Tale – Holy Cow!

Who said a leopard can’t change its spots!!!!??????



Whoops . . . wrong mammal . . .

Talk about changing spots: I’m trying to loooooooosen my grip on the pencil a bit.  Find I’m concentrating too much and taking too much time trying to “get it right” and that’s NOT FUN, it’s work.  Moo cow was my first sacrifice to looooooosening up.  He doesn’t seem to care if he has spots or not.

8 comments on “The Year of the Fairy Tale – Holy Cow!

  1. I think Moo Cow is quite fabulous – I am SOOO enjoying your Fairy Tale adventure – it’s just so great to experience it vicariously – mostly because your drawings are great & I just get to enjoy them without exerting any energy!! Thanx for that!!! Can’t wait for the next post!! L

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  2. I’m in love with Spotless, I happen to have loved cows for a long time. Spotless is so sweet and cute, Spotty on the other hand looks like every other Elsie and yes, I AM that old. You are doing so well, no need to get uptight. You are very talented, but you must know that by now. Love, your #1 fan, Lexi-Pro


    • Lexi-Pro,
      They are both the SAME cow. I just erased some of the graphite to make spots!!!!! Because it’s done with a cheapie mechanical pencil and an eraser Moo Cow can change, rearrange or eliminate anything he wants.
      Thanks for the kudos! As I keep reminding everyone – drawing doesn’t really take talent it just takes doing it over and over and over with a beginner’s eye. But I’ll take the compliment!
      xxxxx j


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