The Year of the Fairy Tale – Yip Yippee Yupo


Experimenting with Yupo paper is part of this month’s assignment. Yupo is slick, non absorbent – kinda like photo-paper – and “not cheap”.

The water-color paint does strange and interesting things on the paper and most of it isn’t in your (read MY) control.

I started with the intention of doing flowers (from the 100 flowers we are to draw – I’ve not done 100 but am pooped out on flowers for the moment).

I “flung” water-color at the paper in a devil-may-care manner pretending it didn’t matter if I ruined a sheet of expensive paper . . .

The more I looked the weirder it got.  I saw all kinds of faces & critters in the strange shapes. So I emphasized the faces I saw with pencil and here is Yupo #1, my kind of fairy-garden . . . and I am, I swear, completely sober.

9 comments on “The Year of the Fairy Tale – Yip Yippee Yupo

  1. I have a new pack of Yuppo to experiment with during this visit with my mom … I’m looking forward to the experience … I’m sure it’ll be a challenge for this “perfectionist in rehab”. Thank you for sharing and your input. VERY interesting


  2. Perhaps some subliminal things at work with your “splash” art??? Resembles a cross between illustrations for Dr. Seuss and Alice and Wonderland…


  3. Each time I look at your painting, I see different shapes morphing into fairy faces and dragons’ heads. Yupo is definitely an interesting medium for an observer!


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