A peak into my world – Hit and Miss

"Here she goes . . .again"

Bob the Blobfish: “Here she goes . . .again”

Important background information

I remember the first time I was called “Ma’am”. It was spewed out by a 15-year-old bag bog at the supermarket. I was barely into my 30’s.

Stay with me

 This morning I had a heart halter monitor “installed” (Nothing serious – just trying to titrate off of anti-arrhythmia medication which necessitates 24 hour monitoring just in case my heart protests)  It’s always a bit sobering when I have anything heart related.  It reminds me that while I’m aging on the outside for the world to see my insides are wrinkling too.  On my way back I stopped at Costco for lunch.

Be patient it will all make sense

I often go to Costco for lunch or dinner (for those of you in other parts of the world – it’s a warehouse store where the smallest quantities are packaged for a family of 20).  I  feast on food samples being handed out to market products.  

The best times for dining are Saturdays and Sundays where the aisles are replete with men and women, wearing white things over their hair, dishing out miniscule samples of food.  It is a leisurely meal because it takes time going back for seconds and thirds without looking conspicuous.

Today there was a new product – energy bars. Energy is something I can always use so I stopped to eat.  The samples were being served by a very friendly, manipulative young man.   He was youthfully cute wearing a white thing over his hair .

He informatively explained, “WE only use the best ingredients.”  WE don’t use additives”, “OUR bars have low sodium  . . . ”  If I hadn’t been around the aisle a few times (figuratively and literally) I would have thought he owned the company or at least was a major imagesstockholder.

He encouraged me to try all the three flavors and sample as much as I wished.  What’a treat not having to sneak back for second and third helpings.  Instead of reeling down the aisles looking for the next food cart I lingered at the table slowly savoring each sample – very tasty. I read the label – good ingredients. Checked how many bars a package – good price.  I threw a box into my cart.  “Thank you, Miss”, he called out. The “MISS” ricocheted off my psyche just as the MA’AM had done decades earlier.

images-1I’m seriously thinking of going back to help him fine-tune how he markets to MATURE women.  This is what I’m going to tell him: Call women “Miss” from  20 to 50. Those are the ages when we desperately care and love the recognition that we still look youthful;  Call women 50 years and older Ma’am.  This is when WE crave respect, know how we look and NEED ENERGY to care.

If this helps him sell more energy bars I may ask for a cut.

I TOLD you if you stuck with me it would make sense.

Betty Blobfish: "Growing old is not for the faint of heart"

Betty Blobfish: “Growing old is not for the faint of heart”


10 comments on “A peak into my world – Hit and Miss

  1. This one really hit home. (well, all of them do but Costco…..come on….) I enjoy the fine dining as well. I spend more money there. I’ve had the energy bars and have fluctuated between miss and ma’am. I think I hate both. I don’t want to feel old on the days I get called the ma’am word but I also feel mildly patronized when I hear miss. I have to say I love the blobfish because I feel like that often. I hope you, however, are doing well. I don’t like this heart thing…..if I ever get to Socal we will go to lunch at our favorite restaurant!!


  2. The energy you saved not having to “sneak” back for 2nd or 3rds seems to be stored up to go back to him and educate him on properly addressing women…

    Also sound like good energy bars – which brand (maybe you will get a cut by mentioning them on your blog!!!)


    • Rick,
      Perfect Bar – not QUITE perfect but pretty good. Lots of bloggers do get free stuff as well as $$ for mentioning the product on their blog. Typically you have to have a few thousand or more subscribers for the manufacturers to be interested . . .tell your friends to subscribe – I only have a few thousand to go . . .I’ll give you a kickback.


  3. Judith, I JUST SENT you that blobfish. did you get it or did our blogfishii? travel past each other in cyperspace? That would be weird. BTW, I am over 50 and hate ma’am or madam, Miss, Ms, or Hi Dollface is definitely an improvement. Widen the age groups, madam. Please. We go to Costco too but the samples are not that great and we refuse to go on the weekends when it is like Woodstock on Wheels, everybody crashing into another. Just too many people. Love, Laurie


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