Mr Sandman the Ostrich – WP prompt

judy's ostrich

judy’s ostrich

I identify with the ostrich. My neck is rather short.  My legs are not refined.  In danger, like my friend the ostrich, I can’t fly.  At my age the best I do is ruffle my feathers and slowly walk away on my short unrefined legs.

My “ostrichness” is above the neck.  I frequently stick my head in the sand. It’s gets more and more gritty the older I get.  

I act like I’m still 30 years old. (I pick 30 because I was a tiny bit smarter than 20 and a lot more energetic than 40).  Now that I’m in my 60’s, after running around like I’m 30, I go to bed for the same number of days, resting my old, short unrefined legs after first washing sand out of my mouth.

Postscript:  I’m going to have to pick another animal to identify with. I just made the mistake of googling; “To dispel the ancient libel, ostriches do not bury their heads when faced with danger–a species that did so would hardly be able to survive for more than 120 million years. They do, however, stretch their long necks flat on the ground when they sleep; from a distance, it can look as though their heads are buried”. (How Stuff Works)

ANCIENT, that’s the last thing I needed to hear.

*        *        *

This post inspired by Rosemary Lee for including an ostrich in her fibromyalgia post at SEEKING EQUILIBRIUM a

The Prompt SANDMAN  at

My ostrich drawing for Year of the Fairly Tale at

8 comments on “Mr Sandman the Ostrich – WP prompt

  1. There are lots of great birds to associate yourself with. Let me do a little ornithological research and I’ll come up with a list of potential birds from which you can choose (or do a poll and let your readers choose for you).


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