Take-a-look-sketchbook – Year of the Fairy Tale

Here’s a look inside my sketchbook. We’re suppose to sketch, sketch, sketch.

Remember the post about my very first art class My freshman in college art class?   – where the teacher gave me, just me, a special assignment because I didn’t know how to draw?

That was my first lesson in the value of quantity over quality when it comes to learning . . . ANYTHING.

Carla Sonheim wants us to draw, draw, draw.  I’m still working on my 100 flowers . . .

DISCLAIMER:  None of these concepts/images orginated with me.  

I copied them from various books, pictures and sources to practice drawing.

Character studies
There’s a cow in The Frog Princess
Elephant & Ant study (for the ant not the elephant)
Boid study
Character studies, experimenting with watercolor

You can’t see all the erasure marks in my sketches because I cleverly photographed in poor lighting!

Year of the Fairy Tale
Year of the Fairy Tale
Hands down hands are the hardest to draw whether realistically or cartoonisticlly

11 thoughts on “Take-a-look-sketchbook – Year of the Fairy Tale

  1. love peeking in your sketch book. and to find out the low lighting trick!!
    ah hands, yes so hard to draw. I did a study of a drawing by Degas when I was in college, and he did the most marvelous hands in it. Plus they were at an odd angle. I learned so much from that study! (my figure drawing professor would be so proud that I still think that assignment taught me so much!) : )


  2. My makeup teacher in college insisted that we draw a face each week. He didn’t care how bad it was or if we used the proportion lines etc. The object was to get us to draw. I actually got pretty good by the end of the semester.


  3. love them all….especially the rabbit. great expression on his face. weelllll,you proved that teacher wrong. of the new ones the watercolor sketches are my fav….on my desktop.


  4. Most of the 5+ daffodils I planted last fall are starting to bloom, I’ll send you a picture for inspiration for your 100 flower exercise. Love the PIcasso-esque (Guernica) cow/bull!


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