A judy Journey – Stand By for Rain, Sleet & Snow

My sister-in-law is a flight attendant and generously offered me a “Buddy Pass”.  $40 one way to Denver, Colorado to visit my bother Rick for his birthday – I jumped at the chance!  

That’s the last time I jumped on this trip.  

Rick, showing off the daffodils he planted – before they are buried under snow*

$40 equals “stand by”.  After a 3 hour wait at the airport I stood by and watched as the plane took off without me (and 4 other standby passengers).  Only one more flight out. My bags were still packed so I stood by for another 3 hours.  Five thumbs went up as my fellow stand-byers and I were handed boarding passes.

This morning I booked a paid flight home.  

Storm front blowing in - Denver, April 12

Storm front blowing in – Denver, April 12

*Rain, sleet and snow is coming in tonight with a 30 degree temperature drop!

To learn more about my journey check  Come Fly With Me . . . 


2 comments on “A judy Journey – Stand By for Rain, Sleet & Snow

  1. Hope you had a nice visit. Glad you got out before bad weather, you could have been stuck there for days:) I flew out of OC frequently for decades. My office was within walking distance. Yes, very steep take-off. The terminal is beautiful. OC was hoping to build a terminal on a deserted Military base. I guess that never happened.


    • Aeeda,
      I am so used to the steep take-off out of John Wayne that when a plane does a normal lift off I think something is wrong and get nervous . . .

      The terminal on the base was squelched by citizen groups. The people who were trying to push it through were wealthy NewPort Beach politician/businessmen who wanted John Wayne restricted to private flights so planes weren’t flying over their hallowed ground AND stood to make billions from the commercial real estate and commerce an international airport would bring them.


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