Sneak Peek into my mind – Year of the Fairy Tale

I never know where I’ll find inspiration. 

The last Princess & the Pea assignment was to create 20 different compositions and then pick one to paint using a credit card.  I was stuck – none of my compositions appealed to me.  Well . . .  truthfully there were a few that I liked . . . I just didn’t think I could paint them with a credit card . . .

Looking through my stash of  paper I came across this unfinished watercolor from Jan 30, 1989.

The date of the class I took was on the back (I remember I dropped out because watercolor was too difficult)  The paper tape that held the wet paper on the board was still there.

I was trying to paint a lemon.

Giant Pea and Green Princess


Inspiration!  A giant pea! (aka lemon).  There was my composition for the Princess and her PEA! (click if you forgot how my credit card painting turned out)

Moral of my tale:  Never throw anything away and

some fruit should be a vegetable.



2 comments on “Sneak Peek into my mind – Year of the Fairy Tale

  1. wow, 20 paintings? i loved your watercolors and i really like the ones painted using a credit card. the one (AKA) lemon particularly. it looks like an abstract figure, and the green part, the arm. …or is that just my imagination…..LOL. thanks for taking us into your studio for this project. more please! oh, i thought your watercolors were exceptional watercolor work.


    • Aeeda,
      Actually it was 20 MINI collage-thingeys- each only took about 2 minutes. I’m still behind 40 flowers, 2 collage-thingeys, 1 froggy sketch, 1 credit card painting and a few misc.other. I’m trying to do, at the very least, one of each assignment as there are often multiples. With work and fibro-fatigue I think I’m doing prrrrrrrrrrrrretty good. WOuld love to do more but can only do what I can do with time and energy (which is true for all of us). That’s why you aren’t getting “more”!

      I don’t remember what the green part was – a banana?

      Your imagination is as good as mine!


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