Year of the Fairy Tale – Free! Princess & the ? Zine!

Our assignment, should we accept it, was to do a sketch of what MIGHT be under the princess’ mattress . . . other than a pea.  

Here’s just a hint about my sketch and what I know is REALLY under the mattress.  To see my sketch and everyone else’s click here:

The Princess & the Pea Zine

Spot illustrations for The Princess-Zine
Spot illustrations for The Princess-Zine


You will really enjoy what others in the class drew.  Some of the illustrations are spectacular and all of them are wacky (“wacky” is an artistic term, rarely used). You can access The zine and download it here:

10 comments on “Year of the Fairy Tale – Free! Princess & the ? Zine!

  1. I loved it! I didn’t have time to go through it all the first time I came by so I returned! Now I have been through it, some made me laugh out loud! I kept thinking, …hmmm, what would I have done? I was so impressed by the talent. I’m going to send the link to my sister-in-law so she can share it with my niece and nephew. My niece is very much so into Princesses! So this is prefect for her. I will leave a note on Carla’s blog telling her how much I enjoyed it.
    I’m very proud of you for sticking with this project! Keep up the great work! You go girl!!!


  2. Looking and reading this “book” made me so happy. I LOVED IT, every single page of it and I am so proud of you for doing it. Truly. Honestly, I think your artist friend should sell the book, maybe give the profits to charity or different charities. I would buy a copy in a NY second. What a wonderful thing to have, to look at when you are blue, it’s an automatic cloud lifter. Brava!!!!


    • Hiber,
      You can download the book and print it out if you want for FREE. However, I shall pass your wonderful comment onto Carla Sonheim who conceived and put it together and all the other artists. They will be thrilled.


      • Please do pass it on, I truly meant it. It doesn’t have to be hardcover which would ruin the authenticitiy of it. But don’t you think something like that book would be wonderful for children in nursery school and elementary school. Since many of the schools have abolished those important programs, THIS book alone could be an assignment, it would give kids a chance to be creative. You “done good” Judith.


  3. WOW!!!!!! That is fabulous!!! What a marvelously creative group of people – and that definitely includes YOU!! So many original (and yes, some WACKY) ideas!! What a fun project this has been – loved sharing it with you!! Thanx!!


    • Remismom,
      The level of talent in this group amazes and inspires me. The participants are from all over the world (Russia, Australia, Germany etc.) and only a tiny few post their pictures on the Facebook page or sent in illustrations for the Princess Zine.


  4. A Peeping Prince, while nicely alliterative just seems a bit, well, wrong! I thought she was a NICE Princess (and wouldn’t the palace guards keep peepers out…?) The Zebra or Echidna make sense! Great illustrations and imaginations…


    • Rick,
      The Princess IS nice and . . . naive.
      The Prince has connections.
      The Palace Guards get minimum wage and are vulnerable to bribery.
      If you think the zebra or echidna make sense . . . well, all I can say is you’ve never been a prince . . .


      • I’m still admiring the green rubber boots — mine have flowers on them.
        Unfortunately, the princesszine will have to wait for now. I shall be back for that!


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