Year of the Fairy Tale – Fleurs of the Forest

Doddling while watching mindless TV.  (When I’m fatigued I find myself sitting and watching mindless T.V.  HGTV is my favorite channel – no violence, swearing, mayhem or pestilence.)  Decided to take advantage of my mindlessness and mindlessly doodles.  Through NO intention I ended up with a forest of fleurs which goes with the French Fairy tale  “Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon”  (My favorites below are #2 & 3 – I like it simpler)

Fleurs of the Forest #4

Fleurs of the Forest #4

 Before #4 I doodled with black marker

Fleurs of the Forest, #3

 Cut out fleurs arranged on blank paper.

Fleurs of the Forest, #2

Fleurs of the Forest, #2

Doodle #1.  UGLY! – so I cut out the fleurs (hate to waste ANYTHING)

Fleurs, #1

Doodle Fleurs, #1 – SEE! I told you it was mindless.

In case you want to refresh your memory here are links for my other illustrations for “Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon” 

Ossytrish (Ostrich)

Ducky-Swan takes a stroll

Swan Lake Yupoed

The Enchanted Forest – Yip Yippee Yupo

10 comments on “Year of the Fairy Tale – Fleurs of the Forest

  1. Wow, I will try watching that mindless channel to get inspiration. Don’t know if I can watch it long enough tho.
    I like #4, and loved traveling back in time to Yip yippee Yupo, which I think, is one your Best Creations.


  2. Very nice!! I like #4 best – I guess that goes along with almost everything in my life being more complicated than most! LOL! Hope you had a good weekend! Hugs and Love to you and FP!!



  3. My favorite is number 3, I have sheets like that. There is no reason why you couldn’t sell that pattern to companies and give you and ours the life of luxury you so deserve. Also, I meant to tell you this last time, I adore “The Little Prince” which could be a very good copy of a little boy or a total infringement of the copyright law. I will visit you in jail and bring you all kinds of dessert. Always. Love, P k Jr.


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