Hooked on Haiku – prompt DECLINE

 Growing old beckons

Decline the invitation

and you will perish

One-line drawing by judy
One-line drawing by judy
Haiku Horizons - prompt DECLINE
Haiku Horizons – prompt DECLINE

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My blogs are dedicated to this imaginatively curious, quirky, loving dog. His memory inspires. One of my passions is creating - I'll try almost anything (with the exception of singing & dancing). Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 I am determined to find humor, kindness, love and blessings in my life . . . or go crrrrrrrazy. Humor me and take a look at my quirky blog "Curious to the Max at http://judithwesterfield.com and my spiritual blog "The HeART of Spirituality at http://judywesterfield.wordpress.com AND http://CATNIPblog.com

8 thoughts on “Hooked on Haiku – prompt DECLINE

    1. Mark,
      I understand the inclination to substitute “or” for “and you will perish”. As I see it, growing old (talking about our physical, not spiritual, body) is the only thing that keeps us alive.


  1. Not everyone is lucky to experience growing old in a world where uncertainty prevails… We must accept this invitation by staying young at heart..

    Thanks Judy for your 🙂 X4 .. I like this new way of expressing very much…



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