Sneek a Peek into my sketchbook – Elephant’s have their day

Elephants have always been one of my most favorite animals in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.   I follow the blog Sunshine & Chaos and todays post is about World Elephant Day, August 12th!  

Click HERE and read Maureen’s really  informative post about elephants and World Elephant Day 

Scan Scan 1 Scan Scan 1_3

For years and YEARS now I’ve been collaborating with Ramesh Sood on the unlikely tale of  Elephant & Ant.  (would love to publish but have not been able to figure out how!) Above are a few of  my preliminary sketches for the heart-throb male “lead”.

Elephant & Ant preview posts:

and Ramesh’s blog:  A Little More Than Ordinary


7 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my sketchbook – Elephant’s have their day

  1. Hi there! I am SO enjoying your sketches for the summer classes. You are so creative and talented!! I show them to Remi every time we receive one and, of course, he wants to know if it is really Freddie Parker that is doing them, because he thinks they might be too good for a human to have done. (These K-9s really stick together!!) 🙂

    Hope you are well and enjoying your class and your summer.

    Love and hugs, Lyn & Remi


  2. I’ve taken to naming animals, like our Great Horned Owls Owliver, Owlive, Owlvis, and Owllivia. Your Elephants (top to bottom) could be; Olliephant, Dachsiphant, Capiphant and Joyiphant…can’t wait to see the book!


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