Frankly Freddie, Discerningly Yours

Dear Human Beings,

I’ve been very busy bringing solace, comfort and smiles to my clients and my human being.   Solace, comfort and smile bringing is time-consuming, you know, so I’ve not had time to blog.  Yesterday I received a very nice surprise in my comments from Mr Suchled which inspired me. (I hope I may call you Suchled as I can’t find any other name on your blog Scattered Words)

Mr Suchled, Thank you for the poem you wrote JUST FOR ME.   I wrote a poem JUST FOR YOU too.

*        *        *

Fred was a mongrel puppy
When first I him did spy
A mangy frightened poodle cross
A cast in his left eye.
But as the years unfolded
His silky pelt revealed
A dog of great discernment
My broken heart he healed.

by Mr Suchled

*        *        *

Reading, writing and . . .  resting

Reading, writing and . . . resting with discernment

Humans are the best

Mr Suchled, you stand above the rest

Your poem can’t be beat

(but doggie cookies are a better treat)

by Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

6 comments on “Frankly Freddie, Discerningly Yours

  1. Dear Freddie Parker,

    That was a lovely poem – I had no idea you were so gifted in the poetry department. I like your photo, but I must say, you look like perhaps you have been working a little too hard. Do try to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. I know how stressful bringing solace, comfort and smiles can be. You could probably use a few extra treats!!

    Your desert dwelling K9 friend, Remi


    • Dear Remi,
      Thank you. It was a lovely poem, wasn’t it? It is not a well-known fact, due to my modesty, that I am gifted in ways unknown to humans. Yes, I have been working very hard. I have been pacing myself by resting underneath the table in my office when my clients seem not to need my solace or comfort. Most of them are very understanding. However, they they don’t realize that I often work for crumbs.

      You are very discerning too.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
      Canine Dog Therapist


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