“Ode” to Sugar

Refined sugar is my drug of choice.   Lately I’ve been on a binge.   When my energy is flagging sugar is my go-to drug.  It’s also my choice when I’m bored . . .in pain . . . when I’m sad, happy . . . when it’s raining . . . snowing (anywhere in the world) . . . cloudy, clear, night or day . . .  

O’ lovely sugar

sweetest seductress ever

you never grow stale


O’  sugar of mine

as pure as the falling snow

cooling my senses


O’ sugar my love

with pangs in my head &  heart

you are a goner

I’ve not been feeling very well lately and no longer know which comes first – sugar or my symptoms.  Ultimately it makes no matter for I know that sugar is not good for me.  For the next month I’m going to ATTEMPT to keep refined sugar and it’s “carrier” white flour at least 10 feet from my lips.  (I was going to say mouth but I need those extra inches for safety.)

judy's journal, collage

judy’s journal, collage

I’ve tried abstaining from eating refined sugar before . . . . wish me strength of character and will (luck isn’t going to cut it). 

P.S.  Rosemary Lee, Seeking Equilibrium, is joining me.  Anyone else?  

Add your name in the comments box.  I dare you!

13 comments on ““Ode” to Sugar

  1. You can do it I know you can!!! I don’t eat it, haven’t for a while. Well, I might now and then, like once or twice a year. I don’t eat flour, haven’t had wheat in over 10 years…when I found out I’m allergic. But I haven’t had a baked good in quite a while, with any type of flour. The only sweet thing I’ve had in some time, other than fruit, has been a piece of dark chocolate…and when I say dark, I mean over 85%…so not much sugar.

    After you get used to not having it, it’s pretty easy. But it is very hard at first, especially if you have been having a lot. I’m pulling for you.

    Some say you won’t like it very much after you stop eating it…not so with me, I still love it when I eat it. but I don’t crave it. However, I don’t like fried foods now, or anything high in fat. When I eat something with a lot of fat I find it gross. Same with salt. So those do change your taste I guess…or at least they did mine.

    Good luck my friend. I know you will feel better if you can get through this cleansing period.
    You go girl!!!


      • I found I had to go cold turkey at first, having nothing sweet tasting. I tried having sugar substitutes, it made the cravings worse. the worst is over in about 72 hours. Really. Your body does do crazy things wanting it.
        I would do things like polish my nails, can’t eat then! Go for a walk. I took epsom salt baths to help, it made me feel pampered but also just helped.
        Treat yourself in other ways. Other foods you really enjoy that aren’t sweet? That would help your oral satisfaction.
        I also suggest never letting yourself get hungry. Graze during this time. Plan to eat a little throughout the day. Munch, just not on sweets.
        Glad you are also trying to keep the flour away….most carb stuff for a little while will help…as I said cold turkey for 3 days, because they will just break down into sugar. So you may find yourself craving potatoes. I remember once I was put on a certain antidepressant and all I wanted to eat was ice cream and potatoes. haha

        after this it is all in moderation. But it can be easy to slip back into that addiction, so watch out, or you will be feeling like a slave to it again.

        Better than “pretty easy” {{{HUGS}}} you probably need it by now!


  2. LOL! I have the same Addiction. Oh, desserts, how I love thee.
    Judy, I’ve thought about this challenge overnight. Only desserts with flour?. Is ice cream ok? No flour there. LOL. I will try to join you in solidarity. It will be one day at a time:)


  3. “Oh sugar. (da da dat da dat da)
    Honey honey.
    You are my candy, girl,
    and I can’t stop loving you!”
    (The Archies – I think)

    Wish you luck but my daily chocolate and weekly Krispy Kreme fitness requirements will keep me from joining.


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