Sneek Peek into my Sketchy-Book – one (or 2) liners

One liners . . . plus a couple of extra lines.  Watching an introductory video of a Coursera Literature Class hoping to rekindle my love of reading fiction.

Professor of literature from Brown Univ. who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation . . . and mine
Professor of literature from Brown Univ. who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation . . . and mine.

I liked what the professor had to say about the study of literature – essentially it wouldn’t get anyone a “job”, teach a trade but it ultimately was about understanding the human condition and how we relate to one another.  He tells his students who ask him what the “work load” for the semester will be that it should be considered a “pleasure load”.  Reading is a pleasure.

Now the wonderful part about my having a liberal arts education was it prepared me to think analyze and synthesize information.

The horrible part was that the English lit department of the school I attended was so skewed to the analysis of literature it literally killed my enjoyment of reading. Since graduating I can count the number of books of fiction I’ve read on one hand.  I am a voracious reader . . . but it’s all non-fiction.

Perhaps because of what he said, perhaps because of how he looked  . . . . . . the professor captured my imagination.  I “drew”  him as I listened using one continuous line each time (well, I might have thrown in an extra line by lifting my pencil and starting again . . .).

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5 comments on “Sneek Peek into my Sketchy-Book – one (or 2) liners

  1. I signed up for an intro to philosophy course with Coursera earlier this summer. Should be really interesting. Thought I’d actually sign up for a course since I keep telling other people what a great idea it is to do something like this. It’s a seven week course with a different instructor each week and only an hour or two of work per week. Good luck and have fun!

    For years I didn’t read as much as I’d have like to, so I started doing a Reading Bingo Challenge for 2014 that a Canadian publisher created. Plus, I had already downloaded the Kindle and Kobo apps for my computers so that I could change the font size to make it easier on my aging eyes. (Just give me a sec. Have to yell at some kids to get off the lawn. lol)

    I’ve read about 18 books so far. Read books that I probably would never have thought of reading and have been loving it. Always great to find something new.


    • Sunshine! (I’ll leave the Chaos outta it!)
      Thanks for the link to the Reading Bingo Challenge – really a great idea. I downloaded Kindle but I’ll look into Kobo (never heard of it). I only listen to the lectures and discussions and don’t do the papers and tests on the Coursera courses – I’m intellectually curious but not academically inclined . . . so far.


  2. Oh, the joys of getting lost in a great book. I read a book a week, and get the New Yorker.
    I read both, fiction and non-fiction, usually a book a week. I started out reading non-fiction
    Recent reads. ‘Age of Ambition’, ‘The Promised Land’, re-reading, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
    I’ve lived my life in libraries and bookstores, go to library book sales. I use to go to the L.A. main library used book sales and to UCLA’s Festival of Books.
    I listen to Michael Silverblatt Bookworm on KCRW, thanks to podcasts. I think he’s Brilliant.
    I recommend to get you started enjoying fiction, to read Nora Ephron’s ‘I feel Bad About my Neck’, and ‘I Remember Nothing’.You’ll be picking yourself off the floor laughing.
    Hope this gets you reading Judy:)


  3. I took a Coursera class last year in art. I really liked it but the assignments were pretty time consuming and I couldn’t meet the deadlines. It took place in June which is the worst month for me to sign up for anything. Don’t ever believe that teaching winds down in June. Certainly not at my school.


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