Listen at your own risk . . . of encountering enchanted imagination.

Stop!  Listen!  Smile!

“Childhood is surreal. Why shouldn’t children’s books be? In this charming talk, author Mac Barnett speaks about writing as a doorway to wonder — at any age

P.S.  Who said you couldn’t have a pet whale?  


6 comments on “Listen at your own risk . . . of encountering enchanted imagination.

  1. Listened to this making my a.m. coffee. delightful. I’m so thankful for having a ‘sense of wonderment’. For decades, before I go to sleep I read some Zen, Tao and a children’s book.I have a pile of them near my bed.
    Thanks J 🙂


    • Aeeda,
      What a wonderful idea to read a children’s book (not to mention the Zen and Tao!) before bedtime. Activating the imagination and wonder before sleep can only bring a smile to the soul and a love to the imagination. I LOVE that – never crossed my my to add that to my prayers before sleep.


      • The Three always there are, The Velveteen Rabbit (I can quote paragraphs), Ferdinand, any Frog and Toad bks (my fav illustrated books ever). So many good series, but these three are at the top.
        I go to the thrift shop and get books for 25 cents and give them away. If I can only get on child to love to read like me.


          • You know, I’m a moving shoe, clothes, books, one woman site. It’s very gratifying for me. I am able to help in so many small ways, hundress of people…one at a time. The connections, I can’t put into words. So many people are involved in this. So many connected to do good. It’s not remote. It’s helping people I know. I meet wonderful people that are struggling, just to buy shoes/clothes. This is where I can help. I’m good at this.
            I’ve been asked to talk to the new job training group, at the non-profit group, where I take my shoes, clothes. The HR now tells me what they need and I contact owners of stores. The Store owners, and their employes, whom I’ve gotten to know for three years, feel good about helping. It’s a chain. I get the most benefit. I like it because I do it on my time, no red tape, direct, people to people. My little Honda FIT, goes a around town every Fri. a.m. This only take 1-1 1/2 hrs. a week. I’m efficient.


            • Aeeda-Ida,
              Your contribution is such a heartening example of how we all can make a difference in this world. If even 1 out of every 4 of us spent 1 hours a week helping in whatever way we can this would be a wonderful world. Love is a behavior.
              You are a blessing.
              with love,


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