Spice up your memory

I drink a concoction of spices which is quite good that I first saw on Dr Oz.  Dr Sanjay Gupta drinks this every evening for calming.  Now that there is more in the news about the cognitive benefits of turmeric on Alzheimer patients and the anti-inflamatory effects of ginger and cinnamon I thought I’d share.

1 cup almond milk – either vanilla or chocolate

1/2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ginger

1 tsp honey to drizzle over top

Heat the almond milk in microwave. Stir in spices.  Drizzle honey on top. (You can add a packet of Stevia to the mix if you like your drinks sweet)  I like the dark chocolate almond milk and don’t add honey or stevia.

I buy bulk turmeric, cinnamon and ginger in the market and mix up a batch to have on hand.   I add  1-3/4 tsp of mixed spices to one cup of almond milk.

Click here for a recipe for Turmeric Tea with fresh herbs.

10 comments on “Spice up your memory

  1. Turmeric is also a great anti-inflammatory, so you are getting a lot of good things from it! I use it a lot in cooking. I may add some of this to my morning smoothie! I need all the anti-inflammatories I can get and who doesn’t need to spice up their memory?


    • I have a smoothie every morning, part of my new diet that I love and have stuck to…after I read this I decided to try to tweak some flavors.
      I’ve added the cinnamon, and ginger…a little turmeric, I’m hesitant about that flavor so I’m adding it in slowly, but I’ve added in a little nutmeg and it tastes a lot like a winter spice drink. It’s great!

      The fruit I used for this is Banana, it has greek yogurt a little coconut milk, a little bit of almond butter, and flax meal, you can add maple syrup but I don’t….and these great spices.
      you can add ice if you want, I don’t.
      all the things in it are good for your tummy and help with IBS. With your spices it also helps with inflammation and brain power!
      I drink one in the morning and I’m not hungry for hours.

      I’m happy you posted this. My smoothies taste right in season now and I know I’m doing even more goodness for my body. They taste like Pumpkin Spice. (I might even add some pumpkin to my smoothie..hehe)

      thanks again!!


      • Wendy,
        Thanks for the new smoothie idea. (crank up the turmeric as it’s the spice that is suppose to be the most powerful anti-inflamatory.) I drink it in almond juice but haven’t made a smoothie with it . . . yet!


        • I do eat a lot of turmeric in other foods. Love my curry lately! And will start adding more and more turmeric to my smoothie, I like the yellow! But if I start tasting that flavor over my fall spice, I think it will be yucky. 😛 haha
          My diet does include a lot of anti-inflammatory foods. It’s all part of that diet I started that helped me so much. That helps IBS so much too.
          and I’ve lost over 40lbs! it has slowed way down because I’ve had to just sit on my butt for almost 2 months now since I hurt myself. Happy I haven’t gained! and I’m happy my tummy feels so good!!!

          I am lovin’ my smoothie. Thank you for the spice idea!

          we’re just full of thank you’s today aren’t we?
          I’m very grateful for you. always.


  2. I just saw this post. Dr. Weil drinks turmeric tea…his recipe. 1/2 teas. turmeric to 1 cup water. boil for 10 min. I add fresh ginger, make two cups and drink it during the day.I buy bulk and organic.Not my fav tea:) Never know what the commercial spices have in them or where they’re from. I try to add turmeric to my some sauteed veg. recipes.


    • Aeeda-Ida,
      The Weil drink isn’t as appealing to me – the Gupta drink is a bit more caloric with the almond milk but quite tasty and the addition of cinnamon makes it even healthier. I also buy organic/bulk with the spices and mix up a batch of spices.

      The Weil turmeric tea may be more to other s likening however. Maybe you could dangle a green tea bag in it too?


    • Becca,
      I multiply the amount for individual servings to keep the same ratio as in the single serving. However, you could experiment to make it to your taste. The ginger gives it a kick. I don’t find the flavors overwhelming in either the vanilla or dark chocolate almond milk. When I added a packet of stevia it was too sweet for my taste but I don’t sweeten any of my beverages.
      All 3 spices – turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are really good for you.
      I just wrote another post with some more research on the turmeric and will post it in a day or so.

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