Frankly Freddie (Parenthetically Speaking) Cody

Dear Gloria Human-Being,

 You wrote me about your owner Cody and I will try to help you understand him to improve your relationship.

  • “Cody rarely barks except when he thinks I (Gloria) am too slow in answering the front door or taking him for walks”.  (All humans are too slow because they insist on getting about on only two limbs).
  • “He thinks everyone that comes over, came over to see him”. (Gloria Human-Being, don’t be so sure that’s not true)
  • Cody
    Cody Brookins
  • “He has a doggie door but if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention, (If he thinks he’s not getting enough attention, he’s NOT getting enough attention) he goes out his door and comes around to the family room door and barks to let me know he’s out there.” (how else is he going to let you know he’s out there? . . . make sure Cody carries his smart phone so he can text message you)
  • When the doggie door is closed and has to potty, he finds me in the house and scratches my leg a couple of times to let me know he’s there”. (Gloria Human-being, of course he scratches your leg.  Bend down so he can reach your shoulder)
  • “He’ll scratch my leg like that for attention if I’m in the office, to let me know the timer is buzzing when I’m watering my trees”. (We doggies are very conscious of conserving our natural resources – especially since water is the only one we are allowed to drink)
  • Cody
    Cody, full “blown” Westie
  • “If you’re eating something, he will look at you with his ears perked up, but you tell him it’s “mine” his ears drop and walks away.  (Gloria Human-being, you must learn to be more generous and share). Although if someone feeds him a snack he may stick around for more.  I try to tell my friends to give him carrots or dog treats only.” (Is that what you feed your friends – carrots or dog treats?)
  • “Cody has been a treasure to have as he and I are buddies.  He loves going to grandma’s house as he usually gets a piece of chicken or meat to taste”. (Grandma rocks!  I would like to have her for my Grandma.  Please ask her.)

Sincerely yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist and Animal Behaviorist

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT Animal Behaviorist

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
Animal Behaviorist


Cody, contemplating how to better train his Human-Being.

8 comments on “Frankly Freddie (Parenthetically Speaking) Cody

  1. Dear Freddie,
    I am new to this training of my humans. I’ve only had them 3 weeks. So far I think I’m doing a good job, but you seem to have a great amount of knowledge!

    I do get treats often. I get a lot of love. Sometimes I want love, or to play, when they want me to do other things….like sit, stay, come….but if I do these things I do get treats. It is a hard choice.

    I must say, over all I am very happy with my humans. I think the training is going well. I get to sleep as much as I want, I have really good food!!! A lot of love, and kisses, lot’s of kisses….one of my favorite things!

    I will keep listening to your sage advice. Cody is lucky to have a your guidance.

    a new friend,
    Kiki….aka….the Kikster


  2. Ozzy & Duffy VERY much like little white Westy-type dogs and believe their cousin (DISTANT cousin) Cody should come over and play. They just don’t know how to attach a picture of them playing with their dear friends Bogie and Mulligan as proof of their Westy-worthiness.


    • Oh I wanted to respond sooner, but my human master was a bit slow. I love to play with Bogie & Mulligan some day but I live in Phoenix, AZ. Even if we don’t ever see each other, doesn’t mean we can’t think how much fun it would be to follow each other around. I do have a friend named Amy that our humans take us for walks together sometimes. She’s smaller than I am but we get along just great.


    • Dear Buster Lee Canine Dog,
      I hope you charged her for the training. If it’s in-home training then your rates should be double. I’m thinking of getting a mobile unit. If I franchise I’ll send you a prospectus.

      Entrepreneurially yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT


    • Oh Lexi I would never want to interfere with our friend Freddie. Opps! Freddie has already parted from you because of me. My human has been slow in responding to you but I had her get my comments off to ASAP. Oh what do you look like anyway? I hope you are not disappointed with me.


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