Year of the Fairy TAIL – you can lead a horse to water . . .

The Magic Horse is our new fairy tale.  Gotta draw 11,000 horses with my eyes closed, one-liners and scribbly.  Every since our 7 week summer hiatus I’ve not gotten my drawing-umph back.  But here are 6 of the 11,000 horseys drawn with my eyes closed.  We are suppose to pick one that is our favorite to paint.


Favorite Bald Horse #1 – That’s his TAIL.
Favorite Bald horse #2 with an udder

9 comments on “Year of the Fairy TAIL – you can lead a horse to water . . .

  1. These made me laugh. It reminded me of a ridiculous picture I drew of a camel as a child. My parents save it to torment me in later life!


    • KW,
      I hope you still have the picture so you can now understand it was not “ridiculous” but CREATIVE!!! If not, draw some more camels with your eyes closed and reacquaint yourself with that delightful child.


  2. With your eyes closed! I will have to try it!! Wow. 11,000!!! Really? Well that number is so overwhelming i don’t know if I would ever even begin to get started on an assignment like that. Wow!
    I think I would take it as…as many as possible. 11,000! Wow! Go for it girlfriend!


  3. Udderly good job Judy:) 11,000? I like the faces on the two on left. I really like the face on ‘bald/udder one. Looks forlorn, missing his his mane, and ended up with an udder.
    You put me in a great mood for the day!


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