Let’s FACE it I’m finally an under-achiever . . .

Ah, the days of my youth when I was always striving toward a goal and the criteria for reaching those goals were defined, set and enforced by others. In high school and college I would be mortified if I didn’t do every assignment ON TIME.  And there was no way I would drop a course.  It was an unwritten law that what I started I finished.

No slacking. There were people taking attendance, people grading my work, people watching my progress.

The age of technology has changed all that. I’ve discovered the beauty about taking on-line courses  if you miss the class  (in my case the entire course) no one knows.  I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s Faces class a few years back and never did the exercises.  So here it is again.  I’m already 3 days behind a 5 day course. (That is also the beauty of Carla’s on-line classes – you can do them at your own speed and time and take them again for free!)

Here’s day one – Faces from our imagination:  Paint a blob of water-color the shape of a face, put hair on it and make a face with pencil:






The assignment was to do 8 faces.  I pooped out after 5.  So now I’m only 2 days and 3 faces behind.

 That’s also the beauty of on-line – I can finally be an under-achiever!

5 thoughts on “Let’s FACE it I’m finally an under-achiever . . .

  1. You Underachiever? Au contraire! You achieve in one painting way over what it would take other’s eight. I love all of them. So much expression on each. The guy looks glum:) Think he’s related to the lady with blue hair….ha. My fav is the guy in orange hair. When I open them up this morning, I laughed, and took them with me and enjoyed the day. The orange hair guy is on my desktop, replacing you upside down.
    Thanks Overachiever Minimalist extraordinaire.


  2. I did this course last winter and loved it. The faces that you did do are great. I think there were a couple of assignments in that course that I didn’t do either. I even signed up for her gelli printing class again and didn’t get to one assignment the second time around. Luckily I did most of them the first time. I thought it would be good to do a ‘refresher’ class but I was too busy. Life got in the way.


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