The Power & Pain of Being an Introvert – TedTalk

People have me confused. You can read that in several ways but for now let’s just take it as most people think I am something I’m not.  

I was painfully shy in grade school.  So much so that my parents worried about my socialization skills.  They pushed me, encouraged me to put myself “out there” which being the obedient, wanting to please child that I was I complied.  I joined clubs, ran for office, went to dances all the while feeling like I didn’t really belong and was a bit of an imposter.

All that practice in school – putting myself “out there” has been helpful as an adult.  Most people would describe me as extroverted. But in the privacy of my own heart I’d rather be by myself. It’s simple – I NEED to be alone to regenerate my physical energy and stimulate my thinking.

I’m an introvert.  Susan Cain will explain it in this excellent TedTalk:

Watch it even if you are an extrovert it will help explain most of your friends or family members!


4 comments on “The Power & Pain of Being an Introvert – TedTalk

  1. I, too, am an introvert. I was in sales and most people would never believe that in order to do it as well as I did that “I went on stage.” It was draining and I looked forward to my days off to regroup. It truly did drain me of energy and I need solace to get it back together. Amazing, isn’t it?


  2. It is interesting that, like you, I did things because I was supposed to do them. I have always been a reader and happy within that world. I have never liked large parties. I am uncomfortable in large social situations. I went to the reunioun because I wanted to see people I wouldn’t be able to see any other way.


    • Kathy,
      Thanks for cmmenting!
      I am not uncomfortable in social situation thanks to my parents for pushing me into situations that were painful for me at the time. However, large and small social situations are ultimately draining – literally – of my physical energy after they are over.


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