Am I dying . . . ? His honest answer

As I near my 70th year I am more than ever aware of what a blip in eternity my time is on this earth.

The 3 areas that the people who were dying shared with Mathew O’Reilly gave me pause for thought about what is important . . . and what isn’t.

  • Forgiveness – reflecting on their regrets
  • Remembrance – wanting a lasting connection with others
  • Meaning – having wasted life on meaningless tasks.

It’s very short video and worth a few minutes of your life.

“Matthew O’Reilly is a veteran emergency medical technician on Long Island, New York. In this talk, O’Reilly describes what happens next when a gravely hurt patient asks him: “Am I going to die?” — and the personal choice he made to tell the truth.”


6 comments on “Am I dying . . . ? His honest answer

  1. So retirement is your plans for your 70th B-day. Maybe you should do some volunteering now that you will have more time on your hands. I volunteer for 2 organizations and also have two businesses in my home. I have been retired from Honeywell since June 2000 and have not regretted it. 1) I have several friends who suffer from your same condition but they have to start moving and doing things so they don’t hurt. My close friend who lives in Lititz, PA starts off about 11 am and keeps going until 11 pm at night. She’s 8 years younger though so that may make the difference. She has a 2 story home with a basement so she climbs steps in both direction. She cleans her 10,000 square foot home on her own and that’s probably why she has stayed off meds for her Fiber… condition.

    I wish you all the success in your retirement and on your 70th B-day. I will be 70 on 6-6-15. I actually turned 21 on 6-6-66. I have enjoyed my birthday as it was a D-Day Birthday – something to remember for years to come.

    Take care dear friend



    • Gloria,
      Thanks for the encouragement that there is life after retirement! It will be an interesting passage. If I were 8 years younger I’d be packing my bags and moving to Europe! As it is I will pack a lunch and go to the beach 3 miles away.


  2. I believe that the vast majority of us all contribute and leave something that made a difference for someone, at some time. Whether or not we are remembered for it is less important and is rarely the motivation for those that truly contribute to others. Interesting observation from this man who personally experiences final moments.


    • Rick,
      I fundamentally agree with you and believe that we all touch each other in ways known and unknown. If we all did it consciously with love and compassion this would be a wonderful world. I also agree that the motivation to be remembered is not important if it comes from an ego need or fear of annihilation. I use the word “annihilation” purposely in the vein that those who are afraid of death and do not believe in the existence of a soul crave a “sense of immortality” through others, thus “remembrance”.


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