Retirement is DAWNing

Retirement Dawns

in the dusk of my life

The moon lights the way

Someone asked, with concern,  how I was feeling about my impending retirement.  Sounded a bit like my impending demise!  I am actually feeling a bit of relief and am preferring to think of it as re-treading as opposed to retire-ment!


My tires aren’t blown

just ready for re-treading

Fill up my gas tank!

Haiku Horizons - prompt DAWN

Haiku Horizons – prompt DAWN

10 comments on “Retirement is DAWNing

  1. I certainly can understand your perspective on retirement and retreading the tires! My threads are running low…a vaca is not going to do it either! I think getting off the roller coaster and onto a more gentler, slower paced ride! Time for a change and change is good. Ride down a different road and enjoy a different view… have the time to take and smell the flowers! And just breathe! It’s a good thing…


  2. It wouldn’t be at all unusual for a little while to feel both good and bad feelings but knowing you, you will probably have that all sorted out before you step down from your working throne. And, you will always have us, your devoted fans. You will always be our Queen !!! Love, Peachy


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