I have 17 years and 4 months to live

My life expectancy is 87.4 years.  I KNOW because I got it calculated by  the Social Security Administration and THEY KNOW since they will be paying me money every month for 17 years and 4 months.

a judy doodle
a judy doodle

The calculations don’t take into account health, heredity or history, not to mention socio-economic status or hair loss.  But SURPRISINGLY, at least surprising to me, I am actually a bit relieved to know I have only 17 years and 4 months left . . .  for a few reasons:

  1. I work best under deadline pressure.  I get things accomplished if there are outside parameters. Give me a deadline and I go into action.  Give me as much time I want it will take however much time I want and often not get finished . . .  or started.
  2.  Seventeen years seems doable.  It’s the 4 months I’m a bit worried about . . .

If you want to know your life expectancy

click here for the social Security Government Life Expectancy Calculator


9 comments on “I have 17 years and 4 months to live

  1. This is the government you are talking about. I’m sure I would believe what they say. But it would make planning events a whole lot easier I guess. Lol


    • Sue,
      Hey I voted! I believe!
      I’m looking for a 17-year event calendar, the old fashioned kind where it’s on paper and I can use a pencil . . . all my electronic device calendars will be obsolete way before then.


      • I voted too, tho my faith in the system is a tad jaded. Calendar people make 16 month calendars why can’t they make 16 yr calendars? The question would be would you buy all the newest gadgets knowing that you only had 17 yrs to live? Hmmm… interesting thought.


  2. OK, guess you’ll finally get this year’s belated birthday/anniversary/Easter/Hanukah/Christmas gift – was going to return it if you checked out before New Years.
    Actually good news, I can book a flight for 15 years out for a visit and probably get a great rate!


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