How to shed 160 pounds a year . . . or less

Moderation is NOT my middle name. October did me in I started celebrating Halloween early and haven’t stopped.  Am I trying to hoist myself back on to my sugar shun track?  Yup.  Listen to this!  Astounding!

Thanks Ida for tuning me into Nutrition Facts

Here’s my original post that helped me eliminate refined sugar for an entire month – 8 Steps to Kick Sugar Cravings to the Curb – Ouch!


11 comments on “How to shed 160 pounds a year . . . or less

  1. Judy,
    I always tried new recipes on dinner guests. I don’t follow recipes, only to get the idea, so dishes are always different anyway.
    I try not to bring home desserts. Notice I said…try. Sometimes a small fruit pie.
    Sweets are the bane of my existence(:
    Great way to cook turkey Judy. Surely beats getting up before dawn to put that bird in the oven.
    After about five years of cooking the whole bird, I began just cooking a large fresh breast because, I hated dealing with the cleanup, and I could put most of the dinner in the oven at once at 400. That worked.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Aeeda,
      You are an even better adventurer than me not following recipes! You should open a diner . . . “Come’n Get IT”. It would be a bit like this blog – you’ll never know exactly what “IT” will be.


  2. As I am TRYING to get down to 160 lbs, could I cut out ALL other food and just eat my 160 lb. annual “quotient” of sugar (hopefully not between now and the New Year)???


  3. Sorry, I cannot lie to YOU. How can I LIKE THIS? Please tell me you are not limiting your sugar intake on Thanksgiving, that’s all I need to know. Basically with all my talk about D, we only have it after dinner and its not a large portion. I don’t have any sugar for breakfast (well, sugar in the raw 0ne) in my coffee, nothing for lunch, no snacks, maybe fruit? and dessert after dinner. (not a big amount.) Just hearing the words “eliminating sugar” gives me the shakes. My father, when he was alive, also feared being diabetic although now there are many great products out. I do keep my mother supplied with yummy sugar free items. Give yourself a break (I know you won’t) and eat what you want for Thanksgiving, moderation (not) is everything, dear Judith. I am grateful to have you as my friend.


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