Frankly Freddie – Feeling the Pinch

My human’s a Grinch

She won’t budge an inch.

It’s a cinch

I’ll be feeling the pinch

I’m not allowed any treats right now.  I have “crystals” in my bladder and am on a special diet to dissolve them before they turn into stones.  I LOVE my new diet.  It is paw-lick’n good.  My human-being is glad that I like it because she says it’s very expensive.  I remind her every minute of every day I am worth it.
Before PROPER Grooming
Freddie Parker Westerfield, Crystal Engineer
(I can’t feel my crystals even though they did irritate my bladder and made me pee blood one day.)
My Human-being is very stingy.  (She calls it frugal.) She told me that the $200 trip to my doctor was my Christmas present and the follow-up appointment for another x-ray in one month is my birthday present.  
I told her she should not retire if she’s going to be that stingy.  


9 comments on “Frankly Freddie – Feeling the Pinch

    • Kathy,
      It’s ridiculous how much MOST things are! Being in the healthcare field for 30 years I understand the overhead involved, not to mention the years of study etc. I do think though that an X-ray for close to $200 is waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. If my own primary care doctor would X-ray Freddie I’d take him there – much cheaper!!!!


  1. Dear Freddie,
    So sorry you Human-being is ‘feeling the pinch’, so you have to be patient. No worries,I know your Human-being, she will be so happy your OK, that she will shower you with goodies, for xmas and B-day. xo


  2. I feel your owner’s pain. Last month we paid close to $1000. to have our dog’s tooth extracted and then found out she might need more surgery. We’ve adopted the ‘wait and see’ plan. So far she seems to be just fine.


    • Dear Mama, Human Being
      Next time try the string-tied-to-the-tooth-and-doorknob-technique (I read about it in novels) and then reward liberally with doggie treats. We canine’s have forgiving natures.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Health Advisor

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  3. I feel for ya, bud. I’m going to pass on to you what I do when you get better and have treats again. Stash them. Hide them in places your human will never look. I made the mistake of hiding them in her pillowcase. Just an FYI, not a good place to stash. Now, whenever I get a treat I pretend to eat it and go hide it then my human gives me another.

    Your friend in crime,


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