Happiness – how our remembering self hijacks our experiencing self

I tend to live in the present moment – not because I am centered nor have I perfected mindfulness.  It’s because I  have a very lousy long-term memory.   You can tell me the same joke over and over and I’ll laugh every time because I never remember the punch line.  I don’t remember having already seen a movie or read a book until I get to the end.  Details of my life elude me.  Turns out I’m blessed by a forgetful remembering-self.

LISTEN to this!!!!!!!! –  How we determine what is a painful experience or a pleasurable one; How we create the story of our life.

2 thoughts on “Happiness – how our remembering self hijacks our experiencing self

  1. Dear JJ,

    I am pleased to see you using a TED link on memory. Well, there is a related program called “TED Radio Hour” which I thoroughly enjoy listening to on my local public radio stations here in LA (KCRW & KPCC). Just this weekend the subject of the hour was on “memory games”; that our memory is not as truthful as we think but is a composite of truths and non-truths. Now I realize that this is not directly addressing your problem, but then again, if you can’t remember, maybe it is.

    If you are interested, here is the link ( http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/?showDate=2014-12-24 ).

    Happy New Year,


    • Jan,
      Thanks for the radio link! I have followed TedTalks for years and do like to share an occasional talk that I particularly like. If you’re interested you can type in TedTalks on the search at the top right corner of the blog as there are some really fascinating/inspirational TedTalk videos.
      AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you TOO!!!!


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