Sneek a Peek inside my PRIVATE Journal

I’m never sure if I just have trouble following “rules”, have attention deficit disorder, or get easily bored.  I’ve decided it’s all three . . . and I’m not joking.

I decided to embrace “my tendencies” for the journal writing class.  Instead of just journal WRITING I’m combining it with doodling, collage, free writing (aka stream of consciousness) and what ever else might amuse me.


  • I do not like starting on blank white pages so I smeared paint on the pages.
  • I do not like doing anything in sequence.  I am just writing, doodling, collaging at random throughout the journal

Old Journal already covered with acrylic paint

Cover of old journal I’m using – already covered with acrylic paint


A free-write with one-line doodles

Prompt "FIVE"

Prompt “FIVE”

In class – randomly pick a word cut out from newspaper.  Free associate a list of words  (The last word written might have significance).  I free associated all over the page and lost track of the last word (which, as you know, is rare for me as I like to get in the last word).

Maybe it unconsciously prompted this next collage?

FIVE Fingers

FIVE Fingers

I might use this collage as a writing prompt to see what my unconscious is saying  . . .  or not


It’s suggested to journal 3 pages every day.  Instead of 3 pages I did 3 sections: Free writing, things-to-do-list and one-line bird doodles

P.S. Since this is my PRIVATE journal don’t tell anyone else.

7 comments on “Sneek a Peek inside my PRIVATE Journal

  1. I am like Mama C — In the past few years, I have started several journals … did them for a few days, and then it seems like too much time and/or trouble! I enjoyed the art journaling I did for an online class last year — but didn’t keep up with it. At the beginning of this month, I had intentions to pull all of the paints out again for more visual journaling — but we are in the mid of the month, and everything remains in disarray! Will I get my act together anytime soon? Hmmmm ~~~ 😀

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  2. I’ve always wanted to journal but I start, do it for a few days, maybe even a few weeks and then I put it aside. I’ve saved them over the years and have often thought of combining all the entries into one journal. Is the last journal entry with the 3 columns from Carla’s blog? I’d like to do that as well but I’m finding it difficult to just get the assignments done.

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    • Mama C.,
      All “creative types” don’t keep things up unless the linear part of the brain is highly developed (mine is NOT). I do not like just journal WRITING because it’s too tedious to go back and read . . . and I find it boring to do do and read. That’s why I’ve always liked visual journaling (but even that I don’t do unless it for demo purposes for a workshop I was teaching!). The 3 columns was just what fit on the page – I’ve not been able to get the assignments done for the first Spark lesson.

      Taking a physical class holds me accountable and gives me a “container” – I like the on-line workshops to see what people from all other the world do but having “complete freedom” as to when and where doesn’t work very well for me.

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