Instant Relaxation – It’s SHOCKING!

I’m reblogging this article in its entirety because I’m too brain fogged to make a synopsis.  I can see the possibility of decorating the Thync – like with tassels, glitter, plastic flowers – you know make it stylish . . . .

Here’s hoping it’s not a “too-good-to-be-true” hype because it sounds promising.  Electrical brain stimulation has long been used clinically for conditions like Parkinson’s and depression.


“Thync, a wearable startup that uses brain stimulation to affect a user’s mood, claims a new study proves that its device is capable of causing wearers to “instantly relax when they want'”.

“The study, published by bioRxiv, revealed a 14-minute session using Thync’s electrical waveforms caused a significant stress reduction in 97% of the participants.”

“Following several years of research and development the company found a way to target the noradrenergic systems and locus coeruleus – the parts of the brain responsible for regulating the ‘fight or flight’ response.”‘


“Until now artificial regulation of this response has been achieved using drugs, chemicals or invasive procedures.”

‘”Our results show that electrical neurosignalling can significantly reduce sympathetic nervous system activity in the face of stressful conditions,” said Jamie Tyler, chief scientific officer at Thync.”

“Our brains already have the power to combat stress and achieve a calm state. We found a way to invoke these mechanisms on demand using approaches described in our recent report. For neuroscience, and for us, this is a big deal.”

“The study showed that Thync’s electrical neurosignalling saw subjects experience reduced heart-rate variability, a galvanic skin response and significantly greater levels of relaxation.”

“Participants in the study described the effects of the technology as similar to meditating or the feeling experienced after drinking modest amounts of alcohol.”

“The potential impact of our findings becomes rather evident when we study how the ability to decrease stress on demand affects people in more natural contexts – in their everyday life at home or work,” said Sumon Pal, a PhD neuroscientist and executive director at Thync.”

‘”We find that people just felt better when they can instantly relax when they want. The program only takes about 10 minutes to run, but the acute effects last from 20 minutes to an hour.”‘

“We feel this can be a game-changing approach to managing the daily stress we all experience day in and day out.”

Mood Altering Wearable Shocks the Brain and cases instant relaxation


2 comments on “Instant Relaxation – It’s SHOCKING!

  1. I wonder if at some point something like this can help with pain. I can’t take pain killers….not that any drug actually kills pain. I have allergic reactions to most, or a sensitivity. so they can use some so I can have surgery, but the for pain afterward, I’ll itch like crazy.
    I think using something like this could help at least when someone like me is undergoing a procedure that causes pain and I can’t have anything, I could at least calm down.

    It does sound like it would be good for people with anxiety issues. When anxiety spikes, just calm down, get that edge off.

    I’d really like for them to come out with something to help with Pain. That is my dream. Something to help with pain that doesn’t cause someone to get high, or addicted, or have allergic reactions, like me. Hey, I can dream can’t I??


    • Wendy,
      Actually there are brain-stimulation for pain. I do believe that will be a standard treatment one day (probably not in my life-time).
      Anything that can reduce the stress response would have an impact on pain levels – the stress response exacerbates the pain response as well as the inflammatory response. Everything is connected.


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