Retirement is like sex

I don’t know about you but I secretly harbor “anticipations” when there is a first in my life – a hope that I will miraculously be a different person when I wake up the day after.

Because two big firsts – my 70th birthday and retirement – occurred almost simultaneously just MAYBE, I think, maybe this time I’ll have a genuine epiphany – spectacular insight into who I REALLY am at the core of my being . . . or at least a surge of renewed energy.

"I can't believe what she's saying . . . again"

“I can’t believe what she’s saying .  . . . . again”

I was trying to describe to a friend what it felt like the first day after I turned 70, saw my last client and was officially retired.  “. . .  kinda like right after my first sexual “experience” – I was disappointed that I didn’t feel like a different person, more mature, sophisticated, enlightened, intelligent, alive, but I did wonder if other people could tell.”

Same experience all over again: Don’t feel any different; Don’t feel more mature, sophisticated, enlightened, intelligent, alive . . . but perhaps other people can tell something big just happened to me by how I walk or talk or act?

So far no one seems to notice anything . . .  maybe that’s because I’m trying not to walk funny.

10 comments on “Retirement is like sex

  1. With your work, seminars, sessions, classes, blogging, when did you have time for your 1st sexual experience!

    Keep it up (no pun intended)!


    • Rick,
      1st sexual experience was pre-work, pre-seminars, pre-sessions, pre-classes, pre-blogging.

      Unfortunately, work, seminars, sessions, classes and/or blogging, are not orgasmic experiences – at least not to date!


  2. Your wonderful friend Daru shared your blog site with me. I’ve been reading off and on for awhile. You caught my attention with the title of this recent posting. Funny! I can relate. Hope you will continue with your blog while you enjoy this new phase of your life. Enjoy every moment.


    • Peggie,
      If Daru shared my blog with you that does elevate her to the position of WONDERFUL!
      I have to laugh because anytime I put “sex” in the title I get an upsurge in readership. I think I may rename the blog – “Sex to the Max”

      Thanks for reading and commenting Peggie, you brought a smile to my luscious lips and quivering legs this morning!


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