Mooooooooo . . . dy no more

It always “cracks me up” (figuratively speaking) when I see those signs for Chick Fil A.  NOW here’s even better news . . .  whether you are a cow OR a chicken .  Listen to this Nutrition Facts short video on improving depression and anxiety through what you eat:


And for those of my blog readers who are too busy (or too depressed) to listen to the video here’s the conclusion:

Vegetarians are significantly less depressed, anxious and stressed than even healthy meat eaters….” and  “The complete restriction of flesh foods significantly reduced mood variability in omnivores…. Our results suggest that a vegetarian diet can reduce mood variability in omnivores. Perhaps eating less meat can help protect mood in omnivores, particularly important in those susceptible to mood disorders.


8 comments on “Mooooooooo . . . dy no more

  1. Meat back in the day was not as tainted as it is today. In any event, we know today how to live healthily without causes pain to other animals and without harming the environment. Let’s do it. It could be too that the reason for the mood swings in omnivors is that may too much meat to leave room for enough fruit and veggies and that loss of nutrients could have consequences other than the most obvious health issues. My observation is that meat eaters offten don’t eat all their “colors” and their diets tend toward high calorie low nutrient value. It’s kind of a package deal. Having said that some vegans are junk food vegans. Not good. So we an’t assume the heath high ground too quickly, though we may have the moral high ground.


    • Jamie,
      I agree with what all you say.

      The study cited in the video specifically focused on arachidonic acid found in animal products and it produces inflammatory compounds which may actually inflame the brain!

      “The omnivores ate 9 times as much arachidonic acid than the vegetarians, which is not surprising, given that arachidonic acid is not found in plants.”


  2. Wow! Interesting :-).i do veg sometimes , think I’ll increase it! My oldest daughter is vegetarian. Her mood is good, but she had to be sure to get enough protein.


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