“X” marks the spot

“X” gets tired and worries a lot

always being the one

to mark the spot

afraid no one will find it

unless he is there

He does it for free

no complaints or “why me?”

It’s his lot in life

no children or wife

just spots to mark

It’s really no lark

not having a say

where he’s to stay

I bet you wouldn’t like

always being put on the spot

So the least you might do

is pay him a fee

or occasionally use

a “Y” or a “Z”

"x" by j
“x” by j
"I think she forgot to mention it's National Poetry Month as a rationale"
“I think she forgot to mention it’s National Poetry Month  . . . as a rationale”

9 thoughts on ““X” marks the spot

    1. Dear Jacqui Murray, Human being,
      I personally interview all the orangutan’s. Because they are very intelligent, after reading my Human-beings post, they submit comments to me for approval.
      Thank you for being a sensitive human-being and concerned about my welfare. You are a good friend.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog Blogger


      1. Don’t let those big guys push you around either, Freddie. Just because they have a bigger front part of their brain than you doesn’t mean it’s big in the right places. Look at Neanderthals! Dogs are perfect and don’t forget it!


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