Year of the Spark – one-liners

I’ve been a bit sparkless but Carla Sonheim’s Spark lesson on doing one-line faces I had energy for.

DSCN6258One I drew from my imagination, one using a photo of a real person and another is a person on TV.  Bet you can’t tell which is which . . . !



You can do this too. Just put your pen down on the paper and keep drawing using one continual line.  It’s fun and easy . . . as long as you have no expectation to have it hanging in the Museum of Modern Art.

8 comments on “Year of the Spark – one-liners

      • Jacqui,
        Drawing with just one line is used a lot to get you to really look at what you’re drawing and loosen up – it stops the critical mind-chatter and just helps you concentrate on what you are actually seeing instead of what you think you see. It’s suppose to be done verrrrry slowly BUT I am not very patient and tend to just “go at it” with little thought. That’s why it’s fun and relaxing for me.


      • To Jacqui: Yes, a frequent art class exercise, to get a student to be mindful about where to place a mark. It helps when one is learning how to make a mark correctly rather than one that gets erased over and over because the artist doesn’t know how to direct their motion on paper. Also great for learning to focus, as the artist is looking at what they want to draw but not looking at their paper.

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