Being tired is exhausting

I look normal, I act normal (relatively normal)However, I feel exhausted much of the time, my body aches from head to toe and my brain sometimes has trouble remembering or concentrating.  Please don’t tell me to exercise more, eat better, try acupuncture or go to a new doctor.  After 20 years I’ve tried just about everything there is to try that I can afford, swallow or legally do.

I don’t even care anymore what you call it: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, malingering . . . it’s just tiring being tired much of the time.  I push through it otherwise I’d have no life.  But the price for pushing can be days of crashing so I pick and choose my commitments.

Judy's Journal, Mixed Media, Collage

judy’s Journal, Collage

No one knows what causes it or how to make it better.  Looking back, I think I’ve had it my whole life.  But I’m lucky because it didn’t become full-blown until I was an adult.  For teens and young adults it’s really hard. Read this article by teens and 10 things they want the public to know.   Teens who live with chronic illness and the 10 things they want you to know.

I’ve blogged about it before:

The Mask of Invisibility and me

Fibromyalgia, Dx: Hysterical Middle-Aged Woman’s Syndrome

I prefer not to talk about it, write about it, dwell on it.  It is what it is and I’m blessed that it’s not life threatening.  But today is World Awareness Day for neuro-immune illnesses of ME/Chronic Fatigue (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), Lyme disease, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). It’s an opportunity to raise public awareness of these conditions that impact millions all over the world.

It’s a good bet that you or someone you know has one of these invisible conditions . . . if you didn’t before, you do now.

10 comments on “Being tired is exhausting

  1. Your efforts to create an awareness among the people about these conditions is deeply appreciated Judy.. I like the spirit with which you lead every day of yours.. You inspire many.. God bless you..

    My haiku on Earth Quake was a simple hint that we would take all the precautions on first symptoms of low sugar.. and Earth is giving us so many signals yet we are not able to correct our ways to offer solace to her..

    I think the message didn’t reach my blogger friends the way I wanted.. Took this opportunity to share and talk to you after a long time..

    Hope other than feeling tired, you are doing well.. Have been lately writing a lot more on LI..

    With regards,



    • LeggyP,
      I hope your wish is granted! I do think research is progressing but medical research is driven largely by pharmaceutical companies who are motivated by $. The two drugs they are promoting Lyrica and Cymbalta help some people but not all. I think the key to a lot of conditions will be found in stem-cell research. Meanwhile, I’ll moan and groan and hope that subsequent generations will find relief.

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  2. I so hoped your retiring & your busy schedule no more would help improve your chronic condition. May take a bit more time for you to adjust to your new relaxed life. Still miss you & our monthly visits. Praying for a noticeable energy change soon. ❤️

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    • Linda,
      I had hoped retirement would restore my youth, vim and vigor too! Unfortunately . . . all three seem to be elusive and/or deceased! Miss you muchly too and prayers are very appreciated!
      xx j.


  3. I whine about my fatigue, caused by RA and headache pain, but I’ve always known Fibromyalgia is worse. Much worse. I do get breaks from mine, too. When it was just the headaches (before I knew I had RA), I too tried everything. And nothing worked. All that was left was persevere.

    I have no idea how you managed such a robust career with that in the background.


    • Jacqui,
      I don’t think one “affliction” is worse (or better) than the other! We each learn to cope, adapt and live. Your comment about perseverance being all that was left is perfect – I’ve not heard it put in those words before – you hit it right on the mark.
      Luckily, one doesn’t need an Rx or a college degree for perseverance.


  4. My sympathies to you for all that you suffer. It must make it so much worse when people who don’t have your illness tell you how to manage it. Akin to telling a camel driver how to fish, I bet.
    You do make the most of your life – creative and upbeat and wickedly funny!


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