Going Viral

Scratch one more cure . . .  for now.
I started an anti-viral medication that has been successful in treating some people with Chronic Fatigue.  There is a long-held theory that virus are responsible for fibromyalgia/CFS and since I have tested positive for a viral-reactivation it seemed worth a prescription.
After taking the meds for over a month and coping with a bit of  24-hour nausea and headaches, last night I was wakened by really severe stomach pain which radiated to my back .  The cure was worse than the malady. 
Before the pain became full-blown I was playing around with some oil paint and roughed-in this face.  Now looking at my preliminary sketch it’s a window into how I’ve been feeling.  I think I’ll not “finish” the painting and leave it be  . . .  for now.


I stopped the medication this morning.  Like my painting, I’m not going to try to “finish off” the virus either  . . .   for now.

8 comments on “Going Viral

  1. JJ, I have been reading and researching the benefits of Golden Paste (which is made with turmeric). It is reported to have a wide realm of benefits for humans and animals. In one of the forum groups, there are those who have had success with minimizing symptoms of fibro, among many others conditions. It is anti -inflammatory and antiviral among others. Can be used similar to the recipe you shared with dark chocolate almond milk. Cooking the turmeric ups the absorption; with a good fat such as coconut oil, flaxseed, or olive plus a couple turns of fresh black pepper. Just FYI! ❤


  2. Did it do anything for the chronic fatigue? Or couldn’t tell because of the side affects? I’ve tried so many different drugs–some infused into my bloodstream for hours on end over and over. The side affects are too often unbearable. I wish you luck with the next one.


  3. It’s hard to click on “Like” when the post is about feeling so much pain. Sorry this med didn’t help you. You deserve relief from this relentless pain. The painting reveals everything you suffer. Here’s to wishing you a pain-free life – soon!


  4. Damn, just know your fibro “miracle cure” is out there. Keep searching (and painting, and haiku-ing, and blogging…) ‘cuz YOU DESERVE FEELING “Normal” (whatever that is!).

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear the struggles you are having suffering with your chronic fatigue. I only wish for you that a med will be found to help you soon. I was so hoping that retirement would be the cure for you once you stepped away from hearing all the problems & advising so many with your busy schedule. I pray for your turn around will be soon so you can enjoy this (supposed to be) golden years. I miss our visits & you have missed many new episodes always surprising but thanks to you I have the tools you have given me to survive. 😍 I’m still doing PT for neck/back re-injury from latest rear end accident. Wish my neck could be as easily repaired as my car was. Ha I am so blessed I can take the time for me & not have be under the stress of working. I’m watching lots of TV, reading & PT visits & trying to do water exercising when weather is warm. I payed my massage therapist to come come help me clean garage & get ready for neighborhood garage sale next month & this week cleaning closets, a little at a time, getting rid of clothes. Cannt do much without paying the price if I push thru. I have really come to me being 74 not 40 any longer😝 begrudgingly. Always enjoy getting your blog but only wishing for better news in future. Give Freddie a hug. Know he is happy to have you home to himself. Gidgett loving me being home with her. She is right in my chair, bed or at my feet all the time. She is the love of my senior life. 💕😊

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  6. I’m sorry you’re feeling so unwell. It’s interesting how our art work mirrors our mental state, our moods and physical pain. I think that may be why I’ve been avoiding the paint brush these last couple of weeks.


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