Sneek a Peek, Scribbling Rubens

judy’s lesson:  Use others who are more accomplished, wiser, creative as inspiration not aspiration.

Combining Carla’s Spark assignment on sketching great masters, Lynn’s on doing portraits and Shari B-P’s suggestion to do more gestural drawings (I always, ahem, do as I’m told) I used Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Susanna Lunden as a starting point.


After scribbling Mrs Lunden I shut my art book (alas, I don’t have the original as a reference) and took liberties  – I figured neither Peter Paul nor Susanna are around to mount a Twitter protest . . . or sue me.

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of Susanna Lundens

5 comments on “Sneek a Peek, Scribbling Rubens

  1. “Use others who are more accomplished, wiser, creative as inspiration not aspiration.” Love that distinction – one letter makes all the difference – sames as with could and should.

    OK, that’s more than one letter, but who’s counting?

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  2. Lovely and evocative portrait, Judy. You did a great job of capturing Susanna’s delicate and shy look. Rubens leaves me breathless with awe. I wrote about one of his paintings that hangs at LACMA for an art history class, and was pleased when on a return visit, found the painting relocated to a more private room. His art is so spectacular that it deserves its own space.

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