Freddie’s Flash Fiction – The Tree

Dear Human-beings and other creatures, Those of you who follow my posts know how frank and fundamentally illuminating they are (not to mention how fantastically informative about the human condition).   This post is no exception as my story The Tree has an important lesson for all to heed.

Here is my first (and possibly only) draft of the story.  Those of you who appreciate and are knowledgable about this genre your “critique” would be appreciated before I am sought out by publishers.

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Published Author

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Published Author

 Freddie’s Flash Fiction

The Tree

By Freddie Parker Westerfield

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a tree. (I frequently start my writing with “Once upon a time” as it lends a universal appeal to readers young and old) Its trunk was crooked and all its bark was peeling.  Big roots spread all around the tree, some deep in the earth and some growing above the ground.  The Tree lived in a park with other trees of its own kind on the far edge of town.  Every day many dogs of differing sizes and persuasions came to claim the tree as their territory.

One day, after years of being claimed, the tree yelled at a big black dog with pointy ears and a black nose sniffing around its roots, “I am NOT your territory!” The big black dog didn’t care what the tree thought, claimed it for its own and walked on looking for more territory.  

Within minutes a little white dog with floppy ears and a wet nose sniffed out where the big black dog had been. “I am a tree not a fire hydrant!,” the tree yelled at the little white dog  who ignored the tree, claimed it for its own and walked on looking for more territory.  

The tree, ever alert for impending indignities,  spotted a medium-sized dog with shaggy brown hair and a pink nose approaching.   Finally, after many years of being claimed by many dogs, the tree figured out that actions speak louder than words.  So it picked up its roots and walked away.

The end of my tail

The End

Frankly & Faithfully yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog Therapist RET, Author

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13 comments on “Freddie’s Flash Fiction – The Tree

  1. Oh, Freddie, you must make the girls go wild! You are so adorable, no wonder Judy is smitten with you. Your story about the tree is pretty darned funny. I’m glad it finally figured it all out and split. Can’t wait to read more – especially if it’s accompanied by your photo.


    • Dear Mz Boning-Pratt, human-being,
      Thank you for recognizing my adorableness. However, I often fear that my looks might be all that human-beings are interested in so neglect to focus on my literary skills (which you recognize -You are truly a discerning human-being).

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CPA, Canine Published author.


  2. As always very clever. Gidgett and ‘the other girl dogs’ don’t claim trees but whole of the park, sidewalk in park, or neighbors yards.

    Freddie’s picture would sell the publication in itself. What a handsome ‘guy’.


    • Dear LindaB, human-being,
      Thank you for noticing how handsome I am. I don’t like to boost as it might hurt my Human-being’s feelings since she can’t take any credit for my looks.

      Gidgett owns sidewalks!!!!!! That’s prime real estate.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CPA, Canine Published Author


  3. I’ve heard of “weeping” trees, “whistling” trees, “talking” (of which group yours seems to be a member) trees and “swaying” trees, but never WALKING trees. Sounds like yet another possible Children’s Book by Judy.

    Think “Oh the Places You (the tree) Will Go” – Dr. Seuss.


    • Dear Uncle Rick, Human-being,
      Now that you know about walking trees pay closer attention when you go outdoors. Sometimes trees don’t completely up and leave but move a few inches here and there so their roots don’t fall asleep or get sap-clots.

      Freddie Parker, CPA, Canine Published Author


    • Dear Auntie RemisMom, human-being,
      Thank you for saying you’ve missed my musings and stories. I showed your comment to my Human-being who needs proof that I am in demand and should post more. However, I think she’s just a bit fearful that her posts aren’t as good as mine and she’ll have to find another way to amuse herself. I reassured her that there will always be room on my blog for her.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CPA, Canine Published Author


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