Sneek a Peek How to – my own coloring book page

One blank piece of paper

One black marking pen

Colored crayons: 2 pinks and 1 orange 

One TV


Doodled with black marker while I watched TV

Colored in my doodle

Took a nap

Summer of Color
Summer of Color – 2 pinks + 1 orange

12 thoughts on “Sneek a Peek How to – my own coloring book page

  1. Fun doodle. My writing crit group sometimes catches me doodling. They think I’m rude, but I’m not a very good listener, and doodling occupies me sufficiently that I can concentrate on what the other folks are saying. Think next time I’ll try making my doodles as pretty as yours.


    1. Shari B-P,
      Research studies show a HIGHER retention rate and better understanding when we doodle – I can’t remember the exact percentage but it’s been replicated. When I facilitated workshops/seminars I always gave out doodle-sheets to the participants.


      1. Way cool – I think I knew that innately, at least about me. Always let my students doodle while we conducted art crits. Not really the best way to engage in a crit, but for some kids, it was a life saver. I let them make their own decisions.


    1. Jacqui,
      It actually is easy. Any kind of doodling works – just fill the entire page using black marker and then color it in.
      I watch TV shows that require little thought, have no bloodshed, pillaging, flood or famine. I’m a fragile flower and my nervous system goes on overload with a hint of disturbing audio/visual.


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