Nala – love in a teacup (poodle, that is)

“This black teacup poodle named Nala is making everyone smile at a nursing home in Minnesota. She scurries from room to room, even riding the elevator by herself, to see her friends.”

Thanks Linda B.!!!!!!


11 comments on “Nala – love in a teacup (poodle, that is)

  1. Dogs and other animals are wonderful therapy for seniors, as they provide unquestioning support and love. Many of these animals are trained as specialty service companions. I’ve watched a trained golden retriever come between two arguing Alzheimer’s seniors, pushing herself toward their hands so they would pet her. She didn’t leave until the caregiver became involved and defused the situation. The little poodle in the video is a sweetheart with all the love she shares.


    • Shari B-P,
      Wow, that’s a great story about the golden! Animals don’t think and mess things up (“should I, shouldn’t I, what will happen if I do . ..”) They just respond out of instinct. And when they’re not threatened the instinct is governed by love.


      • Like any trained service animal, the dog must have certain characteristics before even being considered for certification. They must already be above and beyond in traits – patient, responsive, calm, quiet, attentive, loyal, smart – all that and more in place, then they can begin training.


  2. So sweet! Remi & I just got certified to start our Therapy Visits – very excited!! Hope he can help some people too!! Hoping to get into the Veteran Rehab Center at a Marine base close by. Thanx for sharing – Remi watched the whole thing!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Glad you enjoyed & shared with others. Hoping you are feeling better. Especially during this awful humidity. My back patio still in construction process. Will be so glad when completed to get Gardner, house cleaned, & windows washed. Gidgett & I ready for it to be completed & our quiet life back. Live your blogs keep them coming. Miss you. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

    Sent from my iPhone Linda


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