You’ve got a Microbiome!

 They call us “home”

our microbiome.

Our body spews 

a cloud no one can see

Bacteria, viruses, fungi

intermingling you and me

Releasing microbes in the air

from head to toe where ever we go

Because they’re here to stay

Don’t waste your money

on bug spray

If you don’t believe me read: wherever-you-go-your-personal-cloud-of-microbes-follows


An excerpt:

“Each of us carries around millions of microorganisms – including bacteria, fungi and viruses — on the inner and outer surfaces of our bodies. Most of them aren’t dangerous. In fact, growing evidence indicates that they help us in lots of ways. Scientists call this collection of organisms our microbiome.”

‘”A lot of the recent work on the human microbiome has revealed that we’re kind of spilling our microbial companions all over our houses and our offices and the people around us,” Meadow says.”

“Meadow says the findings raise a number of possibilities, including, maybe, one day being able to identify a criminal by analyzing the microbial cloud he or she leaves behind at the scene.”

We know that if you live with people, and even if you just work with people, your microbial communities come to resemble theirs over time, Knight says. “And in the past we used to think that was due to touch. It may be just that you’re releasing microbes into the air and some of those microbes are colonizing the people you’re with.”

11 comments on “You’ve got a Microbiome!

  1. I immediately thought of Pig Pen, even before I read the attached article.
    My dad, a physician, told me to use anti-deodorant soap, but not antibacterial. He explained that our bodies need the bacteria on our skin to protect us, that most of it is good stuff. As a culture, we are phobic about bacteria. Sometimes our fears are well founded, but when we over protect our kids, by not letting them play with other kids, not letting them get dirty, we cause their natural defense systems to fail by underdevelopment and they develop allergies to common elements. Not the only way allergies develop, but one that can be avoided. Allowing our bodies to build natural immunities by minimal but steady exposure is a safer way to help our kids stay healthy than by wiping down every single thing they touch. So that microbiome cloud wafting around our heads and co-mingling with everyone else’s cloud is generally a very good thing. For when it’s not, there are vaccines.
    Your art – adorable microbiomes – wish mine were as colorful as those that orbit you. How did you convince them to pose?

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